Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mid-century quilt inspiration

I had a movie-marathon quilt bee catch up day last week and what a great feeling to be caught up. I'm so sorry I fell behind you guys, I was so trying to stay on top of my blocks. I know...promises, promises...

Debbie's block (this one has all my favorite colors in it!)-

Rebekah's block (I was afraid of the curves until I started, but I decided to applique rather than piece and enjoyed the little bit of handsewing involved)-

and Robin's block (I love using shot cottons as solids!. The colors are jewel-like together.)-

I hope these all meet with your approval! So fun to do!

My inspiration for my quilt is coming tomorrow. I've been waiting for several fabrics to arrive and now they are here. Now to cut up and send out.

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  1. Blair,
    I got my block in the mail and I love it - THANKS so much!