Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mid century bricks

mid century bricks for blair

I LOVE the colors you sent blair! I may need to make a quilt for myself in the same palette.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beatnik Block

It took me a while to settle on a plan for this, but I enjoyed the challenge!
I hope you like the result!  The block is a bit bigger than what you asked for, Robin, but I'm thinking you can either work with it or find the best way to cut into it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Block

This is what I posted on my blog last week, some of you may have already gotten your packages, here's some additional info. -Blair


I have so enjoyed the Mid Modern Quilt Bee. Its been amazing... and a little intimidating... to see the original and unique inspiration coming from the other ladies in the bee. Some really amazing mid-century inspired ideas! The most recent block is always my favorite, and I feel like that's the point, really. It's fun.

But now April is upon us, and its my month to feel inspired. There have been more than a few moments in the last few weeks where you would have randomly found me sitting or standing, attempting to concentrate real hard on what I imagine this quilt to be, and to be inspired by. You know what? All that thinking and I got nowhere. Nothing.

I finally starting looking around online, pulling the ideas and images that really resonated with me and pinning them all together on one pinterest board. (I love pinterest!) I did not stop to look at the board and everything on it until I felt I'd pinned several things. It was so interesting to look and spot little similarities. Between that and looking at this book, I really started to get inspired.

I am a people who really prefers symmetry and balance in all areas of my life, both literally and figuatively. That idea certainly goes for quilts, I tend to like designs that are balanced and somewhat even. With that in mind, I kept looking at these two photographs of mid-century modern homes, from Mid Century Modern. The fireplaces, in particular.


I love the "little stripes" effect. I could definitely see this translated into a quilt. Broken stripes, letting the colors and fabrics I choose do the heavy work. I drew up a quick sketch of what I see in my mind's eye-

I sat with my Kona color card and had a ball picking out colors. Each block of randomly-sized and randomly-colored stripes (all that is the quilter's choosing). I chose all Kona Cotton solids ("azure", "earth", "caramel", "flesh", "amber", "mustard", "ash", and "ivory"), and only one print, one of my absolutely pattern-y non-patterns, Alexander Henry's "Heath" in chocolate.

Ladies, I'm sending out the packages tomorrow. I'm so excited!!