Thursday, March 24, 2011

Block for Rebekah

I put this on my blog yesterday, but didn't have time to post here.  I enjoyed making this block as it gave me the chance to do two things I don't often do.

I have wanted to experiment with using a line of satin stitching as a design element for quite a while and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

As some of you know, improvisation is not my strong point - it is not my default position.  However, I don't know how to draw the shape that Rebekah wanted with any of the programs on my computer, so there was no way to make nice, neat templates :)  So, I cut the shapes free-hand, knowing that you all are not sticklers for perfection.  I hope the results work well for you, Rebekah!

Next up, Mondrian inspired for Robin.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mid-century quilt inspiration

I had a movie-marathon quilt bee catch up day last week and what a great feeling to be caught up. I'm so sorry I fell behind you guys, I was so trying to stay on top of my blocks. I know...promises, promises...

Debbie's block (this one has all my favorite colors in it!)-

Rebekah's block (I was afraid of the curves until I started, but I decided to applique rather than piece and enjoyed the little bit of handsewing involved)-

and Robin's block (I love using shot cottons as solids!. The colors are jewel-like together.)-

I hope these all meet with your approval! So fun to do!

My inspiration for my quilt is coming tomorrow. I've been waiting for several fabrics to arrive and now they are here. Now to cut up and send out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

behind but catching up

Hi ladies. I didn't want you to think I'd dropped off a cliff somewhere, we just got really busy here right after the holidays and things got moved around on my to-do list. But I'm happy to say that I'm finally catching up (although I'm a few blocks behind...hope to remedy that next week). I wanted to post pics of the 2 blocks I did finish and mail out.

For Cheryl-

This one was fun to put together, I love the mix of patterns, but man I was scared to death to cut the final block Cheryl. I hope I followed the directions you sent as you intended, if not, I am happy to remake it.

For Amanda-

I love the idea of this quilt, and can really envision how all the different "v's" that everyone has done will look pieced together. I was a bit worried about the final size, I hope its not too small.

I know that my month to send out blocks is upon us! I have been collecting some inspiration shots over on my pinterest board and it's helping me form an idea. I have a feeling that the overall design will be simple and symmetrical, but how that translates into individual blocks I will try to figure out asap and let you know.

Thanks for your patience!

curvy blocks

curvy squares

guys! I'm all caught up!! I finished Rebekah's block last night and mailed all three blocks I've finished this morning.

I was tempted to cut into this block and add some lines going through it, but then I was scared you would hate it. I also left it a little bigger than 14x14" so you could square it up how you like.

Friday, March 11, 2011

kelp strip

kelp strip

didn't mean to post two separate posts today, but I had to get a good photo of this panel. it's hard when you are a shorty!

I hope I didn't delay your quilt too much rossie. it was so much fun working on it. the fabric you dyed is gorgeous! I kept thinking it was orange, then rust, then pumpkin, well you get the idea. also, I keep seeing a laser shooter and not kelp....but that could be all the video games I've been playing affecting me :)

mosaic for robin

mosaic for robin

robin, I hope everything is ok where you live this morning and that you and your family are safe!

I had fun working on this block for you, I love shot cottons so much! I kinda went in without a plan (seems to be my theme for this bee), so hopefully the block still works for you. not sure if it's groovy enough, but I kept everything pretty natural with no forced wonkyness. I just have to pack the block and scraps for you and it'll be headed your way!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday was block making day. Today was block shipping day. Tomorrow will be block-fabric packing day.
I am determined to fit the last five months of bee-ness into 3 days.
So, to all of you who are waiting on blocks from me, THEY ARE COMING, and I have photographic proof, and I apologize for being such a late jerk, and thank you for your patience.
PROOF:for Amanda
for Debbie
for Rebekah
and for Robin.
I'm going to include a little commercial here: Several of these blocks required quite a few pieced curves, which, a week ago, I had never done. If this is something you do often, and you have a Bernina, GO AND BUY THIS FOOT: It's called the leather roller foot, and it isn't cheap ($70 ish?), but it is so, so worth it. You can turn on a dime, it's a ton of fun for doing quilting, and when doing pieced curves, it is BRILLIANT. I don't think I pinned anything more than in the middle-- since it takes absolutely no effort to turn the fabric, you can concentrate completely on keeping the edges together and don't need to worry about the angle. I really can't imagine doing this stuff with a regular foot, this makes it so fast and easy.
Ok, commercial over, and I should mention that I have absolutely no affiliation with Bernina, just wanted to share.

I'll be back tomorrow with my inspiration and concept for my quilt blocks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Block for Rebekah

I'm trying to catch up while I'm on "spring" break. I hope this block works for you, Rebekah! It was a challenge to work on--I think I need to take a workshop on curved piecing as I'm sure I did this the hard way!