Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Children's TV

It may seem odd to list this as an inspiration, but I am always struck by how design can make it's way to something like kids' programming. Check out Sid the Science Kid's kitchen (love the
Nelson Swag Leg Desk in the corner).

And look at his bedroom! That wallpaper, the rug, and even a modern quilt on the bed. No wonder I'm so happy my kid loves to watch the show!


  1. i love seeing the quilt on sid's bed (and the color scheme of his whole bedroom) too!
    quilts on tv and in movies have always inspired me a lot.. did you see the 2 color irish chain in M. Night Shamalan's The Village? I jumped with delight in the theater when i saw it, and my friends thought i was nuts because it wasn't one of the scary parts of the movie..

  2. Everytime I'm in the room while my kids are watching this show I look for his quilt ... it rocks! I so want to use the design for a quilt of my own some day!

  3. Ha ha, I love that quilt too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices quilts on cartoons! I love the quilts on "Alien's in the Attic" and also the ones on that HGTV show "Sarah's House" (I think that's what it is called). She redoes a farm house and sells it for millions- but the quilts in that house are to die for. There are other's I've noticed, but can't think of the movies right now.