Sunday, October 24, 2010

atomic barkcloth doodle block (for cheryl)

After feeling a bit intimidated by the open-endedness of your challenge, Cheryl, I'm now completely in love with barkcloth... especially the atomic kind! I can't wait to see how this quilt comes together and thanks for the chance to experiment. I've been eyeing those split hourglass shapes since we started this bee - what a perfect chance to try them out.
And, of course, I think I should get extra points for my photo - with fancy mid mod chair. All this mid mod stuff is kinda bad for my chair habit.


  1. That is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see this quilt!

  2. beautiful! I love the hourglass design you used.

  3. You have to share how you did the hourglass shape. This is incredible! Oh, I cannot wait to put this all together.