Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Block

This is what I posted on my blog last week, some of you may have already gotten your packages, here's some additional info. -Blair


I have so enjoyed the Mid Modern Quilt Bee. Its been amazing... and a little intimidating... to see the original and unique inspiration coming from the other ladies in the bee. Some really amazing mid-century inspired ideas! The most recent block is always my favorite, and I feel like that's the point, really. It's fun.

But now April is upon us, and its my month to feel inspired. There have been more than a few moments in the last few weeks where you would have randomly found me sitting or standing, attempting to concentrate real hard on what I imagine this quilt to be, and to be inspired by. You know what? All that thinking and I got nowhere. Nothing.

I finally starting looking around online, pulling the ideas and images that really resonated with me and pinning them all together on one pinterest board. (I love pinterest!) I did not stop to look at the board and everything on it until I felt I'd pinned several things. It was so interesting to look and spot little similarities. Between that and looking at this book, I really started to get inspired.

I am a people who really prefers symmetry and balance in all areas of my life, both literally and figuatively. That idea certainly goes for quilts, I tend to like designs that are balanced and somewhat even. With that in mind, I kept looking at these two photographs of mid-century modern homes, from Mid Century Modern. The fireplaces, in particular.


I love the "little stripes" effect. I could definitely see this translated into a quilt. Broken stripes, letting the colors and fabrics I choose do the heavy work. I drew up a quick sketch of what I see in my mind's eye-

I sat with my Kona color card and had a ball picking out colors. Each block of randomly-sized and randomly-colored stripes (all that is the quilter's choosing). I chose all Kona Cotton solids ("azure", "earth", "caramel", "flesh", "amber", "mustard", "ash", and "ivory"), and only one print, one of my absolutely pattern-y non-patterns, Alexander Henry's "Heath" in chocolate.

Ladies, I'm sending out the packages tomorrow. I'm so excited!!

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  1. just got my package today! can't wait to play with this idea