Monday, June 28, 2010

July, July!

Actually, it's still June, but I'm posting these instructions now because I am planning on handing off fabric to Rebekah and Debbie at tonight's Modern Quilt Guild (Brighton chapter). The rest of you can expect fabric in the mail within the week!

Here's the plan for the quilt:

This began as a kelp shape that I doodled and re-doodled.  Inspired, of course, by Amanda's work.
It doesn't really look much like kelp any more, but I still call this "the kelp quilt" in my head. 
Maybe that's what kelp looks like on Mars?

I had originally conceived of doing with it in mineral green colors.  But, I changed my mind and decided on oranges and reds, similar to the colors in this textile by Ray Eames.  I might bind it in lavender, but probably candy blue, as in the painting above.  We'll see.  : )

I hand-dyed these reds and oranges to get the variation in colors I wanted.  I used pimatex fabric which is really lovely to work with, so I think you'll be happy as you sew. (I'll send the white, too!)

(by the way, I used the flat dyeing technique that Robin explained on her blog.  It worked wonderfully.)

This is going to be a twin-size bed quilt.
Here are my guidelines:
--I'd like everyone to please make a 9" tall, 65" wide strip.
--As you can see in the picture, I would like your kelp shapes to be in the center of the strip height-wise (don't stress, just aim for the center, okay?)
--Try to keep the plants less than 4" tall and the stems no more than 1.25" tall.
--Anything goes as far as how many plants you'd like to put in your strip, how long the plants are, whether you do some that are just stems, and where you position them in the strip width-wise.
--I love subtle wonk, but nothing crazy or forced.

Can't wait to see what you all make!
Here's a song to get you fired up!


  1. Your quilt painting looks wonderful! I love the colors you dyed - can't wait to get started.

  2. Ooh, very exciting!
    And how awesome that you make a painting, not just some pencil/market sketch like I would probably do.

  3. neat idea! I really want to try out this dye technique now.

  4. I love this design, I love that you painted it out, I love the colors, and I love the Decemberists! Oh, yeah... and the kelp! So awesome - can't wait to get started.