Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can't Decide

I'm having a hard time deciding between the many ideas I've got for this project. I thought I was on track, but then I picked up this book.  The girls and I have been earmarking projects. It has also introduced me to a few new-to-me designers that I now want to research. 

It really is a great book for fun craft ideas. And I adore the details on different techniques, tools, and designers.


  1. I've got "Robin and Lucienne Day: Pioneers in Modern Design" out from the library and am similarly awash in inspiration. Do you know how you would translate what you are seeing in Oldham's book into quilts?

  2. I was just looking at that Nelson clock thinking it would be neat to turn each one of the bulbs into a block for the's got my wheels turning.

  3. Well, there are some printing techniques he mentioned that could lead to some wax resist dying... But mostly it's made me just want to research the designers more.