Friday, July 16, 2010

mid-century textiles

I just wanted to point out this blog post from Saidos da Concha in case anyone missed it.  Lots of images of mid-century textiles.

 I love the pillow on the far right.

Also, I found the book Robin and Lucienne Day: Pioneers in Modern Design at the local library (on of the commenters here recommended it). It has a lot of textile designs, too.

this is the one that most clearly suggests a quilt pattern to me:
Patchwork with the black motifs embroidered or silk screened on? That would be tight, no?


  1. Ooh! I love all of these! The one on the far right reminds me a little of an Ingrid Press quilt. Love all the color schemes.

  2. Oh, lovely stuff. I was recently flipping through V&A Patterns: The Fifties and found some compelling things, including some work from the Days.