Monday, November 8, 2010

Amanda’s BFC (big flippin’ chevron)

Here is my chevron block for Amanda. This block is 20". It's huge, but I really like the size because she'll be able to make a whole quilt easily using just the blocks from the bee quilters. I should have thought of that when it was my turn. Oh well, next time...

At first this seemed like a super easy block, until I started trying to figure out how to actually put it together. I ended up needing to draw it to figure out where all the seams needed to go. I have a need to do the least amount of seams necessary. It's a disease.


  1. love your chevron, jess! and i hear you about the seams!

  2. and by the way, this is now officially the bfc quilt!

  3. It's beautiful! And now I'm officially embarrassed by the amount of unnecessary seams I used in my block.